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The new wagashi, simple yet refined, for everyday

The new wagashi (Japanese confectionary), simple yet refined, for everyday

Spending time in an attentive way, cherishing the feeling of living life----it’s just this kind of relaxed place that Kagizen Yoshifusa has set up as a shop.

Any brand with a long tradition has created the present from the history, and further built the future out of the present. With the thought of “what should be done at this time,” Kagizen Yoshifusa has always taken on new challenges, and built up our tradition in this way.

Based on our tradition, we are making varied efforts with the idea to create a “new wagashi, which is simple yet refined, and for everyday.” In a house on a backstreet in the stylish district of Gion, we challenge ourselves to express the richness of the moment and the new era through wagashi.

The shop consists of a few areas, each of which is small yet has a distinctive element – a sales area for displaying and selling new confectioneries, a café where visitors can enjoy the confectioneries together with tea, a kitchen where the confectioneries are made by craftsmen’s hands, and a space that introduces the spirit of Japanese monozukuri, or making things. This is like a salon where people meet people as well as confectioneries, and human bonds are valued.

Not limited to the confectionery, the shop offers visitors an opportunity to take pleasure in the serving dishes created by artisans, and an atmosphere where craftsmen’s handwork thrives. We will be happy if visitors can feel these unique qualities through the mind and body.

ZEN CAFE + Kagizen Gift Shop