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A café is just next to the shop. It provides “something like the scenery where a confectionery exists” in a space that allows visitors to savor the taste in a relaxed mood.

Various objects, giving pleasure to see, touch, and use, are collected from many places, from Japan and elsewhere, to make it a modern space of high quality. Books, pottery, and flowers are placed here and there in a room where sunlight comes in through the window. The café is so pleasant a place to stay that you could forget the passing of time.

Visitors can enjoy various kinds of high-class fresh confectioneries that express seasonal changes, including kudzumochi (arrowroot cake), which is made from kudzu (arrowroot) produced at Yoshino, the same ingredient used in kudzukiri (cold arrowroot noodles), a specialty of Kagizen.

The menu includes not only green tea but also coffee, fresh juice, and carbonated water, in hopes that visitors will feel more familiar with wagashi and enjoy it more freely, by combining wagashi with coffee, for example.

Serving dishes and trays are also selected meticulously piece by piece, in order to realize “something like the scenery where a confectionery exits.”

At the moment when you enrich your daily life, this is when we wish for wagashi to be beside you in a casual manner.

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ZEN CAFE + Kagizen Gift Shop

Cafe 11AM - 6PM(last order 5:30PM)
Shop 10AM - 6PM
every Monday (if Monday is a national holiday, the store will be closed the following day)
570-210 Gion-machi Minami-gawa ,Higashi-yama-ku, Kyoto
+81(0)75 533-8686